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Recipe:: Lussekatter

      Lussekatter   This recipe is wonderful for making with your children. It helps build anticipation for the special treat to come in the morning. Have them lay a tray with a special linen cloth, or pretty printed napkins (also available from the Gift Chalet) For more information about St. Lucia’s Day, see this article.   2 c. warm milk 1-2 g saffron 3/4-1 1/2 c. butter 1/2 c. sugar 1 tsp salt 1 egg 4-5 c. flour 2 packages dry yeast raisins or candied cherries to garnish Place all ingredients, except raisins, into your bread machine, in the order recommended by the manufacturer. Set to dough. Alternately, mix by hand as you would for cinnamon buns, let rise for 40 minutes, or until doubled. Remove dough and punch down. Divide dough evenly into 8-12 portions (depending upon desired size), roll our each portion into a long strip approximately 8” long and curl the ends to form and “S” shape, place one raisin (or candied cherry) in the centre of each curl. Let …

Choir in Storkyrkan Celebrating St. Lucia Day

Festival of Light

      It is when winter is at it’s darkest that we celebrate the coming of the Light, and the turning of the season that will bring longer days once again. Most people are familiar with the Jewish feast of Chanukkah, and how the menorah in the temple burned for eight days when the supply of oil was sufficient for only one night. But many Christians are unaware of a beautiful tradition honoring St. Lucia that is celebrated on her feast day – December 13th. St. Lucia was the daughter of wealthy Greek parents who had settled in the colony of Syracuse on the island of Sicily. She was betrothed to a pagan by her widowed mother during a time of bitter Christian persecution. Lucia prayed for her mother to have a change of heart, and she did, through the intercession of St. Agnes. However, Lucia’s spurned suitor was not satisfied, and decided to turn Lucia over to Roman authorities according to Diocletian’s edict that all Christians were to be severely punished for their …