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    Boutis Whole cloth quilts from the Provence region of France.  Boutis, meaning “stuffing” is a variation on the 17th century matelasse quilting style.  Rather than placing a sheet of batting between two layers of fabric, these quilts are made by quilting two pieces of fabric together, then stuffing with wool yarns and roving using a special needle.  Nowadays, boutis quilters use more modern doll needles, but the technique is the same. The result is a warm, wool filled quilt that celebrates the quilting pattern and the beautiful uncut fabrics.         Goose Feather Trees   In the mid-19th century decorated Christmas trees had become extremely popular.  Industrious Germans gathered plentiful goose feathers, wiring them together to imitate branches.  The branches were inserted into the drilled holes of a dowel, which acted as the tree’s trunk.  Often, the feathers were dyed green, but some trees were left white. The trees resemble the Balsam Fir, popular in New England and Canada, with it’s wide-spread, slender branches  making them ideal for displaying cherished ornaments. …